I am a giver.Cheryll Putt, Mom Coach, Momming Awesomely

I have always been this way as long as I can remember.

When I am giving of myself to others I can’t help but be fulfilled!

But. . .

A few years ago, things changed. I had given so much of myself that I became depleted. I had always given without ever wanting or needing anything in return. I had no idea that at some point there would not be enough of me to give.

When I reached that point, I began to feel depressed. I started hating myself. I started doubting myself. I started feeling like I was the worst mother, sister, daughter, spouse, friend, therapist. Every day was a struggle to get out of bed. For years I thought that I didn’t need to receive and now I was at a point where I didn’t even feel worthy.

Everyone and everything around me suffered because of what was happening to me, including myself.

And then. . . one day. . . seemingly out of the blue . . . it hit me.

I am already in my 40’s! I deserve things! I deserve to feel loved, supported, empowered! I deserve to feel happy in life! I deserve to find enjoyment!

I started changing the way I was thinking and behaving. I started to actively change my negative thoughts. I started to actively accept who I was. I started to weed out and separate myself from the things and the people surrounding me that were bringing me down. I created positive mantras for myself to push me through each day.

It wasn’t easy. It still isn’t. But, I was able to get out of that depression. I was able to start asking for what I needed and get those needs met. I was able to smile and laugh more. I felt less inclined to yell at my kids and gained more patience. I even

Being A Mom Can Be Different...Better
Being A Mom Can Be Different…Better

began seeing my clients become more successful in meeting their goals.

And I realized that I had to share this with other moms. I realized that my passion for helping others needed to extend specifically to moms because we are the ones who push ourselves selflessly and end up overwhelmed and depressed.

It is my mission to eliminate the mom guilt and shame that we feel. I am determined to help as many moms as I can feel worthy, uplifted, empowered, confident, peaceful. We can’t be all we want to be if we don’t focus on ourselves also. This is why I became a mom coach. I know that my 20+ years of being a therapist and parent coaching skills can fulfill my goal, my mission.

That is why I created Momming Awesomley. I hope you will allow me to guide you through this journey so that you can stand on your own and know that you are good enough and it is OK to be Perfectly Imperfect.